Spectravideo SVI-738 tested, working, with original carrying bag

By Stt1

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Аватар пользователя Stt1

28-02-2021, 15:00

I have a very good condition Spectravideo SVI-738 computer for sale. Covers are in really nice condition, only a hint of yellowing can be detected. Computer is tested and working (cart slot, disk drive, composite out + sound, keyboard and joystick port 1 has been tested). I have also vacuum cleaned the keyboard - quite much dust came out. Computer is in original state without modifications.

Included items: Original carrying bag included, in a very nice condition as well. Original power supply, RF cable and tape drive cable included. Original PSU connector to computer has small damage (green tape applied), so it's recommended to be changed.

Asking price: 240 Euro or a good offer. Also, if you don't need PSU or carrying bag, they can be removed and price negotiated.

Pictures here:


See the Hardware-section.

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By djh1697

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Аватар пользователя djh1697

03-03-2021, 23:42

nice condition Wink