CHDIR command

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By Manuel

Ascended (19687)

Аватар пользователя Manuel

07-06-2021, 21:57

What you need as minimum, IMHO in a cartridge:
- at least 128KB RAM, which is initialized automatically (so any MSX1 or higher has enough RAM to run Nextor)
- a configurable MegaRAM to run any ROM game without having to flash (and no wear)
- an SD/CF/USB interface for mass storage to load your stuff from.
- a flash ROM for Nextor/drivers (so: it can be updated from the MSX with software)

And all of these active together.

By ducasp

Paladin (712)

Аватар пользователя ducasp

08-06-2021, 14:21

SDMMR 1024 seems like a good fit for your list, not sure why it is so hard to find it, unlike SD MAPPER 512KB it allows you to have SD + Mapper 512KB + Megaram 512KB as well as having just mapper or just megaram using the whole 1MB. The few I've seen being sold in Brazil costed little bit more than the 512KB version (512KB 70USD - 1024KB 80USD), well worth the price difference. Don't really know why it is not manufactured as much as the 512KB one.... oO

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