Sony HitBit HB-F5 Image Quality

By jacco_bot

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Аватар пользователя jacco_bot

29-12-2021, 20:36

Got a HB-F5 a while ago from Japan. The image however was just garbage. The AV-out was so blurry that even in 40 columns you could not read the text. The RGB output from the JP-21 connector (Scart like) was not much better due to a poor sync signal.
I put the thing away, but started tinkering with it a few weeks ago and now have a beautiful image. As it turns out, the RGB potentiometers were all the way turned up, causing super saturation of the image. That still did not clear up the sync issue. I tapped directly into the sync signal from the LVA510 composite video encoder IC and fed it together with the RGB signals into a GBS8200 RGB to VGA converter board.
The result is phenomenal.

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