Conexión MSX stand for the next Barcelona MSX users meeting

by Ramon Ribas Cas... on 03-06-2022, 19:07
Обсуждение: Events

As we reported earlier, the next Barcelona MSX users meeting is going to be held at the end of June. And naturally, the Conexión MSX group will have a stand offering the latest MSX productions to the public. As usual, they are also preparing some interviews for their ivoox podcast channel.

The first product to be sold will be the Future Disk #46 diskmagazine along with the Coordimates CD by Tadahiro Nitta (MicroCabin). The price will be 30 € and 5 € of every unit will be donated to the AAMSX. As you might guess, the organization needs as much support as possible.

Pre-orders? Yes, and totally free. For that, you need to contact them exclusively by e-mail attaching your full name, phone number and e-mail to There will be about 20~30 copies available.

If everything goes well, they will also offer games from Delta Soft such as Snatcher ACT 3 and OohnoGrams.
The price will be 19,5 € for the diskette and Compact Flash versions or both for 32 €. Pre-orders? Again, yes. Just follow the same procedure described for Future Disk #46. Depending on the pre-orders, there will more or less units available. If you only want to purchase the Compact Flash version or both, only pre-orders are accepted.

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