DSKPRO 13.0 was unleashed!

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09-03-2023, 23:56

Newton's law has just been broken! Yes, 2 bodies can occupy the same place in space at the same time. Where before it was a space completely occupied by technology, today the most sophisticated file management interface in the world shines.

There was no room for anything else. All memory was already used. But when it comes to Blanco Corporation everything is possible. For such a feat it was necessary to carry out a quantum fusion, and in the end all the power of cutting-edge technology was placed inside your MSX.

DSK-PRO 13.0 Full Version has just been released. Yes, the most advanced software ever made for your MSX has just received its latest version.

Several bugs were fixed. If you think MSX, you think DSKPRO 13.0 Full Version.

Download this state of art tool now and behold the power. Do you find floppy obsolete? Prefer the crappy Gotek drive emulators? If that's the case for you, you don't know what you're missing.

Recover old floppy disks and discover their anti-copy protections. Search information inside the disks with the super Zapper and format them easily. Back up your floppies by creating DSK or PDI images, and vice versa.

Everything is possible when you dream. Dream of the best, come to the world of DSKRO 13.0 Full Version where the limit does not exist.

Every dream comes to an end, and in this case it arrived shaking the structures of physics.

Press "H" to view Help with all options.

Reserve your copy now using the link below:

Have fun!

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By cbsfox

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10-03-2023, 15:59

If somebody wants to check the tool in action, use this Protected Image File [COLUMNS.PDI] to recreate the "original" Columns Game Disk with its anticopy protection.
Download Columns Disk Image: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpEtfGjLbhmhvoPj2yAERdoqGYeCA?e=eOd4mC

Folow this steps to recreate the orignal disk:

1 - Copy the file [COLUMNS.PDI] and the file [DSKPRO.COM] to a SD Card or CF Card, in your PC, to be used in your MSX in a Mass Storage Device like Carnivore2, MegaFlashRom or similar.
2 - Boot your MSX computer with the Mass Storage device and execute the tool: A:\DSKPRO.COM
3 - Set the Operation to "File -> Disk"
4 - Set the Source Drive to the Mass Storage Device drive, which is normally "A"
5 - Set the Target Drive to the Floppy Drive. Normally "B". But it can be "C", "D" or even "E"
6 - Set the Copy Mode to "Protected"
7 - Press "L" to open the new File Explorer menu and choose the file "COLUMNS.PDI" from the directory you previously copy it to.
8 - Press Enter to start the process.

In the end, you will have an original Columns Game Disk with its anticopy protection. Enjoy it!

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12-03-2023, 12:52

A small bug was found using a Turbo-R. Now it was fixed in version 13.1.
You can download it here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpEtfGjLbhmhvoLObQiNNpGSealsg?e=qkScHs