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The seventh edition of homeputerium's BASIC ten-liners competition has been announced.

The 2018 MSX-basic contest

On you'll find the winning chiptunes to enjoy

AAMSX-Culturachip chiptune contest is back

MSX Mansion host Banjo Guy Ollie organizes a musical challenge for everybody who can play an instrument.

This year's #msxdev Compo yields two new games for us to enjoy

#msxdev Compo 2014: A reminder

by syn on 08-07-2014, 13:10
Topic: Challenges

Reminding you about the MSX competition without limitations.

MSXdev'17 - Results

by MSXdev Team on 01-12-2017, 05:45
Topic: Challenges

XSpelunker, Draconic Throne, Tales of Popolon, ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki) and Sweet Punch have prevailed

Both an expert jury and the community will decide on the quality of this year's entries

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