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LIBDOS2 version 3

by arnold_m on 15-04-2006, 19:52
Topic: Development

Arnold Metselaar has released an update of LIBDOS2, adding functions to make, read and remove directories. LIBDOS2 is a library that can be used with HiTech-C to produce programs that can use MSX-DOS2 specific features. An extra header file, source files and documentation are all included in the package. The new functions use only high-level bdos-calls and are FAT16 compatible.

Arnold Metselaar will be stepping down. Who will pick up his role? for MSX-DOS2 improved

by arnold_m on 14-02-2006, 20:04
Topic: Development

Arnold Metselaar has made some improvements to his make utility for MSX-DOS2. Make allows to recompile, or reassemble, only those sourcefiles that have actually been changed.


by hamlet on 09-01-2021, 18:51
Topic: Development
Tags: dos, file, Nextor

Are you well versed in the ancient art of makefiles?


by Arjan on 10-12-2003, 15:43
Topic: Development

When developing programs for MSX, Team Bomba always uses a custom utility called makelib to package all files into one big library file.

Making of... Rambo Plus

by snout on 16-09-2004, 18:59
Topic: Development

Ricardo Bittencourt has written an article on how he developed the improved version of Rambo. You can read all about it on this website. The making of contains detailed information on how Ricardo managed to compress the improved data back into a ROM file that was not larger than the original game ROM.

MarMSX article on YJK

by MarMSX on 21-04-2004, 00:23
Topic: Development

MarMSX have published an article on the V9958, the videochip of MSX2+ and MSX turboR computers, focussing on the reason why the MSX2+ is capable of producing 19268 colors. If you ever wondered why this is the case, your questions will be answered (in Portuguese) on MarMSX.

MBFM Voice Manager

by wolf_ on 20-11-2003, 00:10
Topic: Development

In the past few days Wolf made a small utility that lets you insert your own FM voices in the default voicelist of MBFM. This is very handy since the default voicelist has stoneage voices (remember FAC soundtracker?), and most of them aren't really useful anyway. This (PC-) util is Public Domain, so enjoy!

requirements: Windows 9x or higher, a 1024x768 minimum resolution and a mouse

MDL-Lib 2.2

by snout on 19-09-2004, 13:15
Topic: Development

Martijn Dekker of MST (MSX Software Team) has released an updated version of his multi-purpose Pascal library MDL-Lib. The latest version of this Pascal library has been declared public domain and can be downloaded from Hans Otten's pages. The library should function perfectly in both Turbo Pascal 3.0 and 3.3.

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