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As an example of the capabilities of Karoshi's Caruso, a simple yet versatile song replayer named "Frenzy Tuesday" has been published.

Fudeba MSX Disassembler 0.8i

by snout on 16-02-2004, 19:51
Topic: Development

Daniel Caetano has released an Z80 disassembler for PC, which adds several comments about MSX hardware, making it most suitable for disassembling MSX code. You can find the tool on his website, which contains more interesting MSX software titles.

Fudeba MSX Disassembler 0.9

by snout on 19-02-2004, 14:53
Topic: Development

This monday we reported about Fudeba MSX Disassembler, a new Z80/MSX development tool for PC with 4 different modes to disassemle Z80/MSX source code.

In this new version several mnenomics were corrected and, most importantly, a Linux Binary was added.

Your C library free for download!

Eric created a major update for FUSION C.

G9B demo files

by msd on 09-03-2004, 23:56
Topic: Development

The upcoming release of the GFX9000 library will support bitbust compressed G9B files.
A few demo files are available on the NWO website. All demo pictures are 512x424 pixels.

G9klib v0.7 released

by msd on 30-01-2013, 20:49
Topic: Development
Tags: GFX9000

msd has released an update to G9klib, the library with useful routines for GFX9000 development.

GBasic 1.0

by RobertVroemisse on 29-12-2011, 15:54
Topic: Development
Tags: GBasic, TNI, GFX9000

After a long period of silence, a fresh update of GBasic is available.

Only 3 days ago the first version of GFX lib, a library of graphical routines for MSX in HiTech-C, was released. Rafael Janonne has put a lot of efforts in improving the library ever since, releasing no less than 5 new versions of the library in the days that passed.

GFX lib 2005-03-03

by snout on 04-03-2005, 15:16
Topic: Development

The GFX library for Hitech-C is evolving rapidly. Today, a new version was released, incorporating several new functions to control the PSG. The GFX lib package now containts 12 examples (sources and compiled) to demonstrate the ease of use and power of this library.

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