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uMSX 0.2

by wolf_ on 03-07-2008, 20:15
Topic: Emulation

The Spanish developer Developia creates anything u for you. Several emulators are under development, such as uCPC, uZX, uLYNX, and now also uMSX! This new emulator is based on fMSX and is available for Linux, Windows, PSP and Dreamcast.

RuMSX 0.41

by hap on 03-07-2008, 13:47
Topic: Emulation

After over two years since the previous release, Rudolf Lechleitner surprises us with a new version of RuMSX. Version 0.41 brings lots of changes, a list so big that in this case we're happy to redirect you to the RuMSX website!

fMSX-PSP 3.5.3

by wolf_ on 23-06-2008, 22:11
Topic: Emulation

A new version of this MSX emulator for the Playstation Portable has been released.

blueMSX 2.8

by hap on 08-06-2008, 13:30
Topic: Emulation

Out of the blue, the blueMSX team, with hap (the outspoken Audrey Tautou fan who is best known for his meisei MSX1 emulator) as freshly recruted programmer, released a new version of their MSX emulator. The list of changes is quite big, so we'll only mention the most significant ones.

fMSX-PSP 3.5.2

by wolf_ on 03-06-2008, 10:09
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX-PSP has been released. New in this version is a bugfix for FMPAC/MSX Music: corrected MSX Music/MSX Audio labeling in System settings - MSX Music now correctly refers to the FM-PAC/YM2413 chip; MSX-Audio refers to the Y8950 chip.

PSPMSX 1.3.0

by wolf_ on 03-06-2008, 10:05
Topic: Emulation

A new version of PSPMSX has been released.

fMSX-Maemo 3.5.3

by fms on 25-05-2008, 21:23
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX for Nokia Internet Tablets (N800/N810) has just been released. New in this version:

  • Better frame rate synchronization, so that it consumes much fewer CPU cycles
  • Keyboard input and audio playback improvents

openMSX on Wii

by AuroraMSX on 06-04-2008, 23:22
Topic: Emulation

Two dedicated developers, mth and Vampier managed to get openMSX running on Nintendo's Wii game console, using

meisei 1.1.2

by wolf_ on 29-03-2008, 10:05
Topic: Emulation

A new version of meisei has been released this morning. New in this version:

  • fixed movie timecode setting always saving as "no"
  • added support for movie subtitles, it's even possible to create things like this
  • mappers: traded meisei SRAM support for a nice picture of Audrey Tautou from AuroraMSX.

meisei 1.1/1.1.1

by hap on 02-03-2008, 20:48
Topic: Emulation

Two new versions of meisei have been released in the last few days!

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