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Happy New Year 2018

by hamlet on 31-12-2017, 19:00
Topic: Events
Tags: 2018, New Year

The MSX Resource Center wishes all of you a happy 2018!

A new location has been picked and booth registration for MSX fair Nijmegen 2018 has been opened!

A date and 2 possible venues for the only remaining MSX fair of the Netherlands have been announced, and we need your input!

MSX will celebrate its 30th anniversary on June 27th 2013. In order to celebrate this milestone, #msxdev organize a get-together in Amsterdam.

On Saturday 9th of December, the 52nd edition of the MSXRU will be held in Barcelona.


by PAC on 05-10-2017, 10:09
Topic: Events

On Sunday October 15, 2017 will be held the 3rd MSX user meeting in Seville.

51st Barcelona MSX users meeting

by PAC on 29-03-2017, 18:54
Topic: Events
Tags: AAMSX, meetings

On saturday the 17th of June, the 51st edition of the MSXRU will be held in Barcelona

In April 2017, the Philips Museum in Eindhoven will organize the Philips Vintage Weekend.

MSX Nijmegen 2017 - reminder

by Manuel on 10-01-2017, 09:39
Topic: Events

Later this month the annual Dutch MSX fair will be held in Dukenburg in Nijmegen.

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