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Your chance to get a booth!

MSX Fair Nijmegen 2019

by Manuel on 05-10-2018, 21:50
Topic: Events

Once again a great chance to meet the people you love in real life.

Saturday 19th January 2019 the 54th edition of the MSXRU event will be held in Barcelona.

Fifth MSX user meeting at Seville.

The meeting of retrocomputing fans in the city of Rio de Janeiro 2018


by PAC on 28-04-2018, 20:26
Topic: Events

On Sunday May 13, 2018 will be held the 4th MSX user meeting in Seville.

Happy Easter!

by hamlet on 26-03-2018, 12:44
Topic: Events

Yo! Get up for easter eggs!

53rd Barcelona MSX users meeting

by PAC on 27-03-2018, 19:46 translated by PAC
Topic: Events

On Saturday 9th of June, the 53rd edition of the MSXRU will be held in Barcelona.

On Saturday 9th of December, the 52nd edition of the MSXRU will be held in Barcelona.

New HomeComputerMuseum in Helmond

by ro on 16-03-2018, 15:32 translated by ro
Topic: Events

The HomeComputerMuseum in Helmond opens its doors March the 17th.

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