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56th Barcelona MSX users meeting

by Pac on 02-11-2019, 23:28 translated by Pac
Topic: Events

Saturday 18th January 2020 the 56th edition of the MSXRU event will be held in Barcelona.

The Old Skool Demo Competition Results are here

6th Bonami retro fair

by Hydragon on 15-02-2011, 23:09
Topic: Events

On Sunday March 6th 2011, the 6th Bonami Retro fair will be held in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Among groups who signed up for a booth for this event, there will be quite some MSX action.

Source: MSX Mailinglist and MSX Newsgroup (comp.sys.msx)

In a previous posting, we mentioned the Konami auction at this years Tilburg MSX fair.Thanks to Saku Taipale, the auction will include an original Konami A1 Spirit with steering wheel.A1 Spirit is a special version of F1 Spirit and was sold together with this steering wheel.For Konami collectors, this is an absolute masterpiece

Annual MSX fair in Nijmegen 2019

by hamlet on 16-01-2019, 19:54
Topic: Events

MSX Nijmegen 2019 - reminder

This saturday active MSX users of Netherlands and abroad will meet in 'Wijkcentrum De Schans' in Tilburg, to join in CGV Tilburg's international computer meeting. Traditionally, most attention goes to MSX computers during this meeting.

Tomorrow the third MSX user meeting of MSX Club Groningen will be held in Wijkcentrum de Karre, Groningen. During this meeting a quite rare piece of MSX equipment will be demonstrated: the ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser gun. This gun can be used to control games on any MSX computer.

Assembly 2002 - Video online

by snout on 07-08-2002, 00:41
Topic: Events

Right here you can have a look at a 1h30min interview with three retro-computer users @ Assembly 2002.One of the retro-computer users is MSX celebrity (kuch) Nyyrikki who shows several MSX demo's and talks about MSX. For those wondering, the interview starts with the MSX part ;) Enjoy!

Back to Basics UK Retro Event

by Jorito on 19-03-2015, 23:11
Topic: Events

Valkyre and Fernando represent the MSX in the Swannington, UK retro event.

On Moai-tech some pictures and a nice long video can be found on the MSX user meeting held in Barcelona yesterday. The video shows a walk along the fair room, giving a small peek at all the stands.

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