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Are you tired of repairing your cursor keys? keep reading.

HIC board project

by Wierzbowsky on 16-08-2022, 15:20
Topic: Hardware

RBSC releases another project to help reviving the broken MSX computers

An easy way to make a multimapper cartridge is offered by the new project by RBSC's member Pyhesty

Play MIDI files with GR8NET

by ro on 28-06-2022, 22:43
Topic: Hardware

MSX and MIDI, sure a good match with GR8NET

Adam+ 8-bit emulator on hardware

by ro on 06-06-2022, 10:08
Topic: Hardware

Technology from yesteryear tuned up!

MSX Spectrolyzer lights up your music, demos, and games!

Carnivore2 v2.50 release is now available

by ro on 14-05-2022, 10:35
Topic: Hardware

Up your game with C2's new features

A new extension for the RasPI changes the MSX emulator experience.

A modern keyboard talking to an old machine

There have been significant changes since latest update.

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