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Hardware and Software from Korea to push your MSX to the limits

MSX board for RC2014

by hamlet on 17-02-2021, 08:48
Topic: Hardware
Tags: CP/M, Homebrew, kit, RC2014, z80, DIY

The RC2014 bus achieves MSX2 compatiblity

A new mass storage device for MSX! The never-ending story...

Honey, I Shrunk the MSX!

VAJ Lehenak audio fix upgrade for MSX turbo R.

A modern piece of MSX hardware giving MSX-AUDIO standard sound extensions.

Portuguese blog on repairs

by anonymous on 31-05-2009, 12:03
Topic: Hardware

After ricbit's new blog last week, again a new blog in Portuguese goes airborne. This brand new blog is created by Rafael "B@ss", and gives information about repairs of MSX computers and MSX peripherals.

Covers of the past

by hamlet on 16-08-2020, 22:14
Topic: Hardware

Protect your beloved MSX with Tromax' new MSX computer sleeves

Fix your OCM

by KdL on 19-08-2020, 17:37
Topic: Hardware

Hardware patch 2020.08.19 for OCM machines, aka BUSDIR_n patch

SVI-738 gets some reverse-engineering petting Smile.

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