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A new combo cartridge comes on the scene.

The standard for HID devices on the MSX is finally reverse engineered and documented

Ever wanted to connect some analog devices to your MSX joystick port? Now you can!

Pre-sale open now for a new batch

Telemach 200 is back

by PAC on 26-10-2017, 19:57
Topic: Hardware

Telemach 200 rises from the ashes.

CASDuino for MSX

by hamlet on 22-01-2018, 12:08
Topic: Hardware

Our member CASDuino just celebrated the second birthday of his invention.
Now avaible for MSX computer.

fzanoto has announced a second batch of his MA-20 cartridges for MSX1 users wanting to play MSX2 games while leaving their machines in their original state.

Alexey has various affordable MSX breadboards available in limited supply.

The Carnivore2 project is a DIY cartridge with RAM+FlashROM+IDE+FMPAC+SCC support.

Now it's time to fix the audio of the last generation of MSX computers

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