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MIDI-PAC update for Compile games

by Meits on 31-08-2013, 19:53
Topic: Hardware

Strange drum behaviour was discovered in Aleste. Reason enough for WORP3 to make a fix.

Mini One Chip MSX prototype

by supmsx on 17-03-2013, 13:20
Tags: One Chip MSX

A new and very small One Chip MSX prototype computer from Korea is showcased in a photoshoot.

MISC MegaRAM dissected

by snout on 18-07-2006, 13:33
Topic: Hardware

SLotman has updated MSX Files, which recently moved to a new server, with three pictures of the MISC MegaRAM cartridge. You can find these pictures in the Evidence (Other) section of his website.

MIX - Korean MIDI interface3 clone

by Retrofan on 13-11-2015, 20:02
Topic: Hardware
Tags: MIDI

Jun Soft, who also made the Dal-So-Ri OPL4 board, has finished his own version of the MIDI Interface3 board.

MMC drive interface

by snout on 12-09-2004, 12:51
Topic: Hardware

Sharksym has published the schematics on how to create an MMC card interface for MSX using an SCC mapper in this forum thread. Over there you can also see a picture of the final result. Using a patched diskROM and a 24kB flashROM BIOS it is possible to use the MMC card as if it was an external diskdrive.


by Yukio on 27-11-2009, 17:51
Topic: Hardware

A short month ago, sharksym updated his MMC/SD BIOS, which brings it up to version 4.01. For more information regarding this release, refer to the thorough user's manual on his website.

Upgraders should be aware that the partition table from BIOS 3.xx is incompatible with the newest version, and will have to be reinstalled.

MMC/SD cardreader for MSX?

by snout on 09-01-2003, 11:01
Topic: Hardware

ESE's Tsujikawa, who has been working on the one-chip design for MSX Association used his holidays to create a simple MMC cardreader for MSX. Also, experiments for using SD have succeeded.The current version connects to the joystick port of the MSX, making it a quite slow solution (about 1KB/s).

The third generation of MMC/SD intergaces boosts speed, adds MegaRAM and SDHC and a software scanline effect

MMC/SD media player demo

by snout on 01-11-2010, 11:41
Topic: Hardware

The Korean MSX user Painkilla has released a video, demonstrating an impressive Media Player running on the SD/MMC interface for MSX. The video shows an MSX2+ playing a music video from the Korean Girl band Girl's Generation.

MNBIOS - A new BIOS for MSX2.

by flyguille on 27-12-2003, 20:47
Topic: Hardware

From 1996 to 2003 flyguille developed and tested a new BIOS for his MSX2, called MNBIOS (MSX Non BASIC Input Output System). The purpose of this project is creating a new BIOS that increases the capabilities of the MSX2 hardware, without the need of directly addressing the hardware.

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