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Connect your N64 controller to the MSX!

MSX and Sega Light Gun

by ro on 18-01-2017, 07:44
Topic: Hardware
Tags: Light Gun, Sega

Games, software and hardware patches for MSX and Sega light gun devices.

The first video footage of MSX upgrade kit MSX ARM has been revealed. The final goal is to release one single upgrade that contains R800 with 50MHz mode, 4MB RAM, SD/MMC, FAT32, DMA, USB, Ethernet, S/PDIF, RS232 and MIDI .

Rogério Matte is developing MSX ARM, a cartridge that brings the power of the R800 to any MSX and effectively upgrades any MSX2+ to MSX turboR - adding 50MHz mode, DMA and possible other extensions like SD/MMC, USB, RJ45 (ethernet), RS232 and MIDI IN/OUT.

MSX board for RC2014

by hamlet on 17-02-2021, 08:48
Topic: Hardware
Tags: CP/M, Homebrew, kit, RC2014, z80, DIY

The RC2014 bus achieves MSX2 compatiblity

MSX cartridge model for 3D printers

by NYYRIKKI on 29-10-2013, 12:01
Topic: Hardware

Affordable small batches of MSX Cartridges are now possible thanks to 3D printing technology.

Technobytes have put up a pre-order page for their new SlotExpander

MSX FPU - coprocessor by TecnoBytes

by snout on 14-06-2016, 10:03
Topic: Hardware

TecnoBytes announce an upcoming Floating Point Unit & library for MSX

MSX Guncon

by snout on 22-07-2004, 18:56
Topic: Hardware

Syntax is working on a project called MSX Guncon. MSX Guncon is a modified lightgun, which unfortunately isn't compatible with the ASCII Plus-X Terminator. The lightgun itself is already fully functional. Syntax is now working on some Guncon compatible software. We expect to hear more news about this project later this summer.

MSX Made out of bricks

by ro on 26-02-2019, 00:08
Topic: Hardware

Build your own MSX computer case.

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