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MSX Mansion has a new video online about the Philips New Media Systems VS0080 Monitor.

Hans Oranje expanded his designs of msx mappers.A 4MB mapper build with one pc 4MB simm for the 8250/55/80 is now online.He also made a version switchable between 2MB and 4MB.

MSX modding

by Latok on 06-08-2013, 20:55
Topic: Hardware

Examples of MSX connected PS/2 keyboards, 3 slots and much more

MSX Network to RS232 device

by tnt23 on 30-12-2004, 15:23
Topic: Hardware

The Russian Yamaha YIS-805/YIS-503 MSX computers have a rather unique feature for MSX computers. As they were used for educational purposes, they were designed to work in a student/teacher network and were thus equipped with a network module. tnt23 has recently figured out a way to connect MSX computers with such network modules to the RS232 port of a PC using a fairly easy-to build device.

MSX Overclocking - Disconnect WAIT pin

by msd on 13-11-2005, 16:31
Topic: Hardware

Marcel Delorme managed to increase the speed of his Philips NMS8245 with 10% by disconnecting one pin from the MSX-ENGINE. In MSX computers, there is an extra wait state in the M1 cycle of the Z80. For every memory read and write, the MSX-ENGINE sends a WAIT signal to the Z80.

MSX PPI re-created in FPGA

by snout on 19-09-2002, 11:26
Topic: Hardware

Source: MSX-Files

After creating a fully compatible PSG replacement in FPGA, Marco Antonio Simon Dal Poz succeeded in creating the MSX PPI in FPGA as well. Both projects are now part of the 'Brazilian MSX Revival', which aims to recreate all MSX-chips - and thus an entire MSX computer - in FPGA.


MSX prototype

by Jorito on 18-06-2012, 13:14
Topic: Hardware
Tags: ASCII, prototype

Photoshoot of a prototype MSX development model from ASCII Japan.

It's no secret within the MSX community that an MSX mouse in good condition is hard to find these days. Most of them are low-DPI devices that use the problematic ball-and-wheels mechanism, which doesn't work quite well after all these years.

There are some adapters for RS-232 and PS/2 mouses out there, but those are also rare to find and/or expensive.

MSX SOUND ENHANCER by Lost Technology

by Pac on 14-03-2021, 19:37
Topic: Hardware
Tags: opll, MSX-MUSIC, PSG, SCC

A new expansion cartridge which improves the MSX sound output.

MSX Turbo-R A1-GT

by MSX Resource Center on 03-07-2002, 23:41
Topic: Hardware

Source: http://planet.x-y.net/

Have you always wanted to check out the inside of this fabulous machine, but never had the guts to try?

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