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New open source projects from the RBSC

In order to clearify the difference between Dumas and the new games cartridges which include a new custom sound chip, callMSX and some people involved have written a couple of short articles about them (focusing on the cartridge with the sound chip) in English and Spanish. During the past Barcelona MSX users' meeting a demo of upcoming Kralizec games using that cartridge was shown.

The compact Mini Slotexpanders from Carchano are available once again, now at a sligthly reduced price.

Don't miss the opportunity to get your Carnivore 2!

Carnivore 2 Software update

by hamlet on 17-03-2020, 11:49
Topic: Hardware

A great update for your small dinosaur!

The Carnivore2 project is a DIY cartridge with RAM+FlashROM+IDE+FMPAC+SCC support.

More Сarnivore2 in your cartridge slot

RBSC starts public Beta testing of Carnivore2 firmware, Boot Menu and utilities v2.50

Standard cartridge adapter for Yamaha MSX computers with the side slot has been released!

CASDuino for MSX

by hamlet on 22-01-2018, 12:08
Topic: Hardware

Our member CASDuino just celebrated the second birthday of his invention.
Now avaible for MSX computer.

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