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Tomorrow, a new ringtone site, The Ringtone Society, will be launched at the Noorderslag Festival in Holland. Professional artists were asked to produce high quality ringtones.

Our Dutch visitors are probably familiar with the controversial weblog Geenstijl and their Feauteauf*ck competitions.

Our Dutch visitors probably know the television show Game Kings, which is regularly being broadcast on the Dutch Music TV station The Box.

The current edition of Gamestm appeared to be packed with MSX content, resulting in 3 nominations.

Laurens Holst (Grauw) sent us no less than 2 scans of MSX getting attention in the media, which both have been added to the list of nominees to the second MSX in the Media Challenge. In both cases it considers articles published in Dutch magazine.

It's 2005. More than 10 years since the last MSX computers and software were commercially produced.

The second hand gaming store Backgames, located in Leiden, Netherlands, has recently been opened. The free Dutch newspaper/tabloid Spits reported on this, mentioning MSX as one of the systems for which games can be obtained at Backgames.

During the first MSX in the Media challenge, Jori Seidel (d-fader) mentioned he spotted Alex Peetoom of HCV de Amsterdammer on the Amsterdam TV-station AT5.

We all know Konami released a new part of the Metal Gear saga for Playstation 2 called Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

A week ago we published a brand new MSX Emulator Comparison and informed a lot of websites about it.

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