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A week ago we published a brand new MSX Emulator Comparison and informed a lot of websites about it.

The popular Japanese Internet provider Nifty offers a blogging service to their members: Cocolog. Some of their most interesting or popular blogs can get some extra attention at the Cocolog Guide.

Yesterday we reported about a deal between Engine Software and Bazix, in which both parties agreed to distribute the classic Engine Software MSX2 games in WOOMB.

The first nominations to the second MSX in the Media Challenge are starting to drop in. Yesterday the emulation portal Emufanatics posted an interview with Daniel Vik, one of the developers of the popular MSX emulator blueMSX.

Jan Lukens, an active MSX user from the Netherlands, got the idea behind the MSX in the Media Challenge and decided to give getting MSX in the media a go.

Zilog have recently added a new series of processors to the Z80 family: the eZ80 Acclaim!.

MSX in the Media: 10th nominee

by snout on 17-07-2004, 00:46
Topic: Media

Sometimes an entry for the MSX in the Media Challenge is right in your face and you still don't spot it. Two days ago we reported about the Konami/Vodafone release of Yie-Ar Kung Fu.

MSX in the Media: 11th nominee

by snout on 17-07-2004, 00:54
Topic: Media

Jorrith Schaap pointed us to a newspost on Dutch Gaming Society about the Playstation 2 remake of YS3, where MSX got mentioned as one of the platforms on which YS3 was previously released.

MSX in the Media: 12th nominee

by snout on 19-07-2004, 23:22
Topic: Media

Hans Otten sent us a scan of the article on the MSX Game Reader that was published in the july/august edition of Computer Totaal. It is added to the list of nominees of the MSX in he Media Challenge.

Did you get or spot MSX in the media as well?

MSX in the Media: 13th nominee

by snout on 20-07-2004, 19:54
Topic: Media

A while ago Thom Zwagers let us know about an MSX in the Media occurance we have just added to the list of nominees.

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