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An animated Castlevania series is scheduled for release on Netflix in 2017.

Konami announced Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (CDoS) at last weeks E3. CDoS takes place one year after the happenings in Aria of Sorrow. In CDoS, cultists want to destroy Soma Cruz, who actually is Dracula. You need to stop these cultists to be able to revive Dracula yourself. The NDS version displays statistics and a map on the top screen, whilst the touch screen lets you draw seals.

Castlevania for Nintendo DS

by snout on 03-01-2005, 15:59
Topic: MSX Related

Konami have announced they will release an edition of their popular game series Castlevania on Nintendo DS in the fall of 2005.

Sometimes it's nice to hear people play it live.

A retrospective by Strafefox, reviewing Castlevania titles, such as MSX classic 'Vampire Killer'.

This 3D game takes place three years after Castlevania III. This time you are Hector, a former Dracula student. New in this game: you will be able to create "good devils" that have different skills themselves, and will help you on your quests. There are 20 devils available and all can be leveled up. Game will be released in Q3.

This fall Konami will release a new game in the Castlevania saga for Playstation 2: CastleVania: Curse of darkness.

Konami have revealed a trailer for the upcoming Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Castlevania: Lament of innocence

by snout on 01-08-2003, 16:25
Topic: MSX Related

Konami is about to release a new game in the Castlevania saga. On the MSX2, the first version of this game series was better known as Vampire Killer.

At the E3 Konami announced a new game in the Castlevania (Vampire Killer) series in their lineup for 2012.

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