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X68000 Emulation

by Sander on 10-07-2000, 19:58
Topic: MSX Related

Hi, it‘s me again. Have you ever played the first level of Nemesis 2 in 4096 colors and with a three plane scroll? No? Well, then it is time to download the EX68 emulator and Nemesis 90.

X68000 emulator

by Sander on 04-08-1999, 00:00
Topic: MSX Related

Ever heard of the X68000 home computer system? Konami and other Japanese game-companies made some great games for this Japanese home computer. Download the PC Pentium emulator and some great games (Salamander, Nemesis, Bubble Bobble etc.etc.) from:


by KdL on 06-09-2011, 18:07
Topic: MSX Related

Gyonin, a quite active creator of MSX-like PC games such as Volcabamba is at it again. His newest work in progress, dubbed "Xaklogian" is a top-down perspective shooter.

Xanadu available on mobile phone

by Bart on 14-01-2003, 21:55
Topic: MSX Related

Xanadu, the well-known MSX game by Falcom, is available for Bothtec 501i mobile phones. The game can be downloaded freely to the phone. Gamespot Japan shows some nice screenshots of the mobile phone version of Xanadu.

Xanadu Next for Nokia N-Gage

by snout on 27-03-2005, 17:02
Topic: MSX Related

Falcom and Nokia are going to release Xanadu Next for N-Gage in the US on April 11th. This game is a follow-up to the RPG Xanadu, which was released on MSX as well.

Xanadu Next for Nokia N-gage

by Sander on 21-06-2005, 00:54
Topic: MSX Related

Xanadu Next has been shipped to retailers. This new Falcom RPG game features real-time fighting in a 3D world.

Project EGG have announced that Falcom's upcoming game Xanadu Next will contain the PC Engine versions of Xanadu 1 and Xanadu 2 and a Xanadu encyclopedia.

Xanadu Perfect Rerelease

by snout on 31-07-2002, 07:20
Topic: MSX Related


4gamer reported about a rerelease of the popular game Xanadu yesterday.

Xevious merchandise

by Latok on 09-08-2011, 21:30
Topic: MSX Related

When we say Solvalou, Solgrado, Zeodalley and Gampmission, the real fan of the cult game will immediately respond: Xevious! This 1982 Namco game got its MSX2 version in 1988, developed by Compile.

Xevious gets a remake in Playstation Home (PS3). This game was once released for MSX2 by Namco, in 1988.

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