MSX Revival

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Konami classics Vampire Killer and Knightmare have been released in Japanese retrogaming service Project EGG.

OCM-PLD Pack v3.2 by KdL released

by KdL on 21-12-2013, 17:23
Topic: MSX Revival

After 2 years of development 1chipMSX hacker KdL released the final version of his v3.2 OCM updates.

Australian MSX1 cassette games from the eighties are going to be rereleased thanks to better coding environment.

A few days ago, MSX User Edwin Velds placed an in-depth text on our forum, with instructions on how to resurrect a 1chipMSX. If the 1chipMSX won't boot anymore due faulty VHDL code, you can't resurrect the machine using software, and a standard cable is a tad expensive.

During the Comiket market, which was held a week ago, D4E offered a limited edition of the One Chip MSX, painted in traditional style by Japanese pottery artists.

Guardic for iPhone/iPod/iPad

by snout on 09-08-2011, 19:13
Topic: MSX Revival

After quite a long period of silence, it seems that D4 Enterprise are getting ProjectMSX back on track. Today, Guardic was released in iTunes.

D4 Enterprise have released Gainax adventure game Mighty Battle Skin Panic in their retro game subscription service Project EGG.

Zanac-Ex in Project EGG

by snout on 09-08-2011, 19:01
Topic: MSX Revival

D4 Enterprise have released Compile's classic shooter Zanac-Ex in their retro game subscription service Project EGG. The game was originally released for MSX in 1986.

Topple Zip in EGG English

by snout on 02-08-2011, 15:22
Topic: MSX Revival

D4 Enterprise have re-released the MSX version of Bothtec's shooter Topple Zip in EGG English. Topple Zip was released for MSX1 in 1986 and for MSX2 in 1987.

OCM-EXTRA pack 1.5

by snout on 12-07-2011, 13:53
Topic: MSX Revival

Shortly after the release of OCM-EXTRA pack 1.4 yet another new version was released, introducing SETSMART. SETSMART is a new utility that allows you to quickly configure many of the new features that were implemented in the OCM-PLD pack ever since version 2.4 simultaneously with only one command.

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