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DS Collection 6 in EGG English

by snout on 10-01-2011, 22:46
Topic: MSX Revival

Last December, Amusement Center released Compile's diskstation no. 6 in the EGG store. You can read the English announcement below. With all those English pages up and running we have the obvious question: when may gaijin start to order?

Topple Zip in Project EGG

by snout on 07-12-2010, 20:44
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center have extended the catalog of Project EGG with the MSX1 version of Topple Zip. This well known shoot'em-up was originally released in 1986 by Bothtec.

Bazix has quit its activities

by Latok on 29-11-2010, 19:37
Topic: MSX Revival

On the Bazix website you can read an announcement in which the discontinuity of the partnership has been made public. As stated in the announcement, Bazix was erected in July 2004 in order to carry a trade and localization enterprise.

New additions to EGG English

by snout on 25-10-2010, 21:05
Topic: MSX Revival

Although not as active as its Japanese counterpart, the English section of EGG has been updated with several new releases with an MSX flavor.

OCM-PLD Pack 2.3

by KdL on 13-04-2010, 10:46
Topic: MSX Revival

A new version of KdL's 1chipMSX firmware has been released, a practical - if not essential - update for 1chipMSX'es.

Konami has decided to release five of their classic MSX games for the Virtual Console, a specialized section of the Wii Shop Channel.

In February this year, D4 Enterprise launched the English version of Project EGG.

European MSXA website updated

by wolf_ on 31-03-2009, 17:19
Topic: MSX Revival

Last year, the European website of MSX-Association caused a bit of a stir during the short period it was online. One speculation after another kept the scene busy. And suddenly, the same European website disappeared.

Zanac added to Project EGG English

by Sama on 05-03-2009, 02:32
Topic: MSX Revival

Last month, we reported about the release of the English version of Project EGG.

Last weekend D4 Enterprise have launched a new version of their retro gaming website Amusement Center. The most noticeable differences with the previous website are the addition of an English section and support for Paypal.

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