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Wolf and Carola have teamed up again to bring you the charming town song of Lenam

A slightly obscure MSX music diamond dug up and souped up

Jorito pops a new ear-orgasm arrangement on Nemesis 3

Guess who’s back, after a period of inactivity, with a new super deformed game arrangement?

A patch for Konami's Vampire Killer to add a dedicated SCC sound-track.


by wolf_ on 06-08-2012, 22:02
Topic: Music, Software
Tags: turbo-R, turboR, MIDI

A small utility by Robosoft; Robomidi plays midifiles on turbo-R (ST) to the MIDI out port of the Music Module.

Again Jorito added a great tune to his CV. This time it's Dragon Slayer 6's turn.

This is where the Audio Wave saga started.

We take you back to 1989 with a music collection for the FM-PAC.

Coverflow! by Overflow! released by Emphasys to kick off new series of downloads.

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