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Boulderdash remake by TheMysteryStudios

by Jorito on 02-11-2014, 15:08
Topic: Music

TheMysteryStudios released a new remake in his "A tribute to MSX" project.

Radx-8 remake by Mystery Studios

by Meits on 12-10-2014, 20:56
Topic: Music

Manuel Uhl took his time to spoil us with yet another great remake.

msd just released patches to run some Compile games on the OPL4 and MSX-Audio.

3Bit Band plays MSX

by PAC on 27-09-2014, 20:57
Topic: Music

An awesome performance of the Spanish band 3Bit Band who played several arrangements of retro games from some platforms, MSX included.

Aleste 2 - Flying High by Jorito

by snout on 31-08-2014, 17:52
Topic: Music

Jorito releases a new remix of the first area song from Aleste 2.

After all the hard work on MRC, Jorito finally found time to play some notes again.

Contra - Waterfall by Jorito

by snout on 16-07-2014, 21:39
Topic: Music
Tags: Contra, Konami

Jorito releases an orchestral arrangement with a solid rock base of the "Waterfall" level song from Konami's Contra.

MSX racing spirit soundtracks announced

by Hally on 25-04-2014, 10:44
Topic: Music
Tags: D4E, F1 Spirit, Konami

The soundtracks to Konami's F1-Spirit and F1-Spirit 3D Special are to be released on CD by EGG Music Records

The last update of this nice SCC music site so far.

MID2TMU (work in progress)

by PAC on 20-02-2014, 19:01
Topic: Music
Tags: TriloTracker

A very promising and useful musical tool for those musicians of the MSX scene.

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