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Days ago, the successful Bonami Retro Fair attracted quite a lot of visitors. Spanish MSX'er dioniso decided to visit the place and took a number of photos, which he has put online for you to enjoy!

Some time ago, we reported about the 10th Bonami Retro Fair. A few weeks back, the Dutch site Retro Computer en Games Museum has put a photoshoot online.

We have just added four pictures to the Miscellaneous photoshoots section, sent by Flyguille, the coder of MNBIOS, on a retro meeting which was held on the 30th of July in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Better late than never, the MSX Resource Center brings you a photo shoot and fair report of the MSX fair in Bussum that took place on September 27th.

Bussum 2004 photoshoot by MRC

by Bart on 09-10-2004, 22:42
Topic: Photo shoots

After the great first views that the photoshoots of MSXposse and Ramon offered us, MRC brings you no less then 93 photo's of the Bussum fair 2004. Enjoy this extensive photographic tour of Bussum 2004!

Bussum 2004 photoshoot by MSXposse

by snout on 09-10-2004, 20:31
Topic: Photo shoots

While several MSX die-hards are still hanging out on the MSX Marathon, MSXPosse have already published a nice photoshoot of the MSX fair in Bussum that took place today.

After the MSXPosse photoshoot the second batch of Bussum 2004 pictures have been published on the website of Ramon Verlinden. Make sure you check them out, as they give a really nice impression of the fair.

Near Dark have published a short and funny photo report on the trip from Friesland (Netherlands) to Bussum, the meeting itself and the trip back, which you can read on the Disk Interactive section of their website.

Bussum 2005 photo shoot

by snout on 02-10-2005, 21:36
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday the annual MSX fair in Bussum, organized by TNI, was held. No less than 14 standholders and many more visitors attended the fair. As of now, a photo shoot of no less than 168 pictures taken during the day is available in our ever growing photo shoots section.

SeD_NcL has informed us that the first pictures of the Bussum 2005 MSX fair have been added to the MSX Posse photo-gallery. While some pictures of other members are still missing, it already gives a nice impression of the fair.

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