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MadriSX 2006 - Photo shoot

by snout on 05-03-2006, 02:02
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday the annual MSX user meeting MadriSX was held in Madrid, Spain. Known as the most internationally focused MSX meeting in Spain, this year was the busiest edition ever with no less than 396 visitors. Countach attended the fair and took this photo shoot.

ESP Soft have published a large collection of pictures taken on the MadriSX MSX and retro fair, which was held yesterday. You can have a look at their photo shoot over here.

MadriSX reports & photoshoots

by snout on 12-04-2003, 00:55
Topic: Photo shoots

Today, two new reports and photo shoots were unleashed on the internet. created a nice report with many pictures, which can be found here.

On February 11th, MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg organized an MSX user meeting and MSX auction in Mariënberg, the Netherlands. Both Age Lammertsma and Manuel Bilderbeek sent us a photo shoot with pictures taken during this crowded day.

MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg have published a small photo shoot with pictures taken on their most recent meeting, which was held on March 11th. You can find the photo shoot in the 'Clubverslag' section of the MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg website.

Mariënberg - photoshoot

by wolf_ on 12-02-2008, 19:50
Topic: Photo shoots

The annual Mariënberg auction of last Saturday turned out to be a succes. Tens of people showed up, including Dutch MSX icon Wammes Witkop, former chief editor and publisher of MSX Computer Magazine and MSX Computer & Club Magazine.

We have just published a new photo shoot in our photo shoots section. The pictures were taken by Sjoerd and Age Lammertsma on the April 2006 meeting of MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg, which was held yesterday.

Last weekend MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg held an MSX user meeting and a barbeque in Mariënberg, the Netherlands. We have just added a small photo shoot, taken by Sjoerd and Age Lammertsma, to our MSX photo shoots section.

Last weekend MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg held an MSX user meeting in Mariënberg, the Netherlands. On MSX Posse you can find a small photo shoot of the day.

Marienberg november 2005 photoshoot

by Bart on 03-12-2005, 13:40
Topic: Photo shoots

Emil Sokolowski sent us a photoshoot and taken at the Marienberg user meeting of november 2005. You can see it in our photoshoot section.

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