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Batman - MSX2 remake announced

by snout on 03-08-2014, 23:49
Topic: Remakes

Thwapp! Zap! Kapow!!! AAMSX and FX Software announced an MSX2 remake of the 3D isometric action-adventure Batman with a flashy trailer.

Metal Gear Remake gets the okay from Konami

by ro on 02-06-2014, 13:18
Topic: Remakes
Tags: Metal Gear

Mod team Outer Heaven are recreating the original MSX Metal Gear using a version of Valve's Alien Swarm engine. Now they've received the official thumbs up from Konami.

SD Snatcher ACE updated

by Pac on 22-02-2014, 20:48
Topic: Remakes

The SD Snatcher remake is still alive.

Download and video demonstration available.

Japanese PC-6001 user Tiny Yarou reproduced the opening part of Ys on MSX1.

Gradius - Arcade mod

by Meits on 21-12-2012, 21:02
Topic: Remakes

Gradius is one of the Konami games that keeps getting updates. Now we can play the Arcade mod.

Karateka Remake

by Meits on 14-11-2012, 19:56
Topic: Remakes
Tags: Gamart, Karateka

Gamart's 1990 martial arts game Karateka gets a remake on X-Box Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

An ambitious plan to rejuvenate a Konami classic.

Kotai's online multiplayer remake of Konami classic Penguin Adventure received an extensive update with new bosses inspired by Maze of Galions and Knightmare, bonus levels, improved editor and more.

SD Snatcher ACE is an ongoing project to remake the MSX-exclusive classic SD-Snatcher, using RPG Maker VX ACE.

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