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Popolon_fr patched some popular games to be played with a SNES controller.

SymbOS 3.0 is ready

by ro on 31-08-2017, 15:04
Topic: Software

The multi-tasking OS SymbOS 3.0 is ready for download

This is a new set of drivers for the MSX Turbo-R BIOS with many improvements over its original set of drivers.

R800.COM and Z80.COM

by Meits on 17-08-2017, 23:10
Topic: Software
Tags: r800, z80

Switch between both processors in basic.

Hedelmae released their new demo for the MSX2 at Assembly 2017.

An action game in the true run and gun tradition

Multi IPS Archive tools version 1.1

by syn on 25-07-2017, 18:41
Topic: Software

An updated version by BiFi

MIA - A new file format by BiFi of TNI

by Meits on 29-02-2016, 21:08
Topic: Software
Tags: ips, MIA, Patch, TNI

A way to patch file based releases.

A tactical strategy game by the creator of Bubbo World and Slime Center

Psychoball available for download

by Meits on 15-07-2017, 22:14
Topic: Software
Tags: Psychoball, RAT

RAT's 1993 game Psychoball. A game about balls a new detergent.

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