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Press joystick button to select.

by ro on 15-04-2018, 11:37
Topic: Software

Software patches that enables full joystick support on selected games.

Better drums to make its awesome soundtrack even better

Coming straight from the Revision18 demo party, DSS brings us a new MSX2 demo.

A nice demo with some pretty effects and ditto music.

Old New Stock #7: Gold Rush

by Meits on 28-02-2018, 21:33
Topic: Software

Ran out of Fish in Penguin Adventure? Try this Old New Stock entry.

Old New Stock #5: Noise Disk

by Meits on 19-10-2017, 22:06
Topic: Software

Yet another old school music disk from the past.

Kai Magazine presents a Life On Mars spin-off for MSX2 with V9990


by wolf_ on 06-08-2012, 22:02
Topic: Music, Software
Tags: turbo-R, turboR, MIDI

A small utility by Robosoft; Robomidi plays midifiles on turbo-R (ST) to the MIDI out port of the Music Module.

Patch for USAS (RC-753)

by hamlet on 02-01-2018, 19:11
Topic: Software
Tags: game, Patch, Usas, Konami

Victor created a patch to improve Konami's (The Treasure of) Uşas.

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