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New text editor: MSX vi

by fr3nd on 20-07-2018, 03:00
Topic: Software
Tags: editor, text, vi

New text editor based on Vi

A new cartridge for MSX2 and up

Digital release of Inferno

by syn on 03-01-2018, 15:13
Topic: Software

A long awaited game has been completed!

Old New Stock still lives. And it will go on. Next up: Synthe Sector #2

Smart drives becomes smarter

Francisco Téllez de Meneses is currently working on a new production called Prisoner of War.

Those who missed it get another chance

Oniric Factor introduces the Platinum version of its new production.

Bombaman Extra Ammo

by Jorito on 09-11-2008, 23:33
Topic: Software

Four years after the release of the original Bombaman game for MSX, Team Bomba has decided to declare this game freeware! To celebrate this special event a special release of the game was created.

Control Count Vlad Drakul in this 2 MEGA ROM Action RPG for MSX.

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