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Still in beta, but already impressive chip-tune creator. BeepComp is an MML based music editor for PC.

A Maze of Galious-like adventure game, by a developer who's heart is still with MSX

SofaROM - version 1.1 released

by Louthrax on 06-03-2017, 17:04
Topic: Software
Tags: sofarom, SofaRun

A tool that allows to launch MegaROM images on MSX machines without a flash device

Some bugfixes, enhancements, and support for more devices

Matra has just updated his website with ZERO and The Castle Of Infinite Sadness.

A Windows tool for editing King's Valley II custom levels

Important updates for several handy tools and RuMSX

DSK-PRO 10.4 released

by cbsfox on 29-12-2016, 11:35
Topic: Software

DSK-PRO 10.4, a modern disk copier for MSX, has just been released.

Wild Puzzle by Mapax released

by PAC on 03-01-2017, 22:01
Topic: Software
Tags: Mapax

Solve 17 sliding title puzzles related to wildlife.

SofaSet 1.0 released

by ro on 02-01-2017, 09:05
Topic: Software
Tags: BIOS

SofaSet is a new user-interface for setting MSX ClockChip parameters

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