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A cyberpunk arcade adventure from the creators of "Hans' Adventure" and "Stan, The Dreamer"

Finally a shoot'em up game for v9990!

Bitwise have updated their website, adding two new games to their products corner:

Bitwise announce new Shockware software

by wolf_ on 17-01-2008, 15:47
Topic: Software

In anticipation to the MSX Fair Nijmegen 2008, Bitwise have announced that they again have a new Shockware title to release on the fair: Malaika, the smooth-scrolling platform game for MSX1 by

Besides the Krazilec game "Dahku" Bitwise will sell four more games on the upcoming MSX Fair Nijmegen.

Earlier today Bitwise announced the arrival of three new Shockware titles in their selection of MSX games:

Bomb Jack for MSX2 is an interesting port of the arcade classic for MSX, developed by Kralizec. Bomb Jack was released on October 30th, during the 26th MSX User meeting of Barcelona. Today, the Dutch MSX group Bitwise announced they will be distributing the game in the Netherlands.

Bitwise have announced that they will soon distribute no less than four new Shockware titles, being:

The year 2015 has not even started and Bitwise already announced the availability of Matra's re-releases for the coming MSX fair in Nijmegen.

Blinky's Scary School MSX - preview

by snout on 17-01-2007, 01:26
Topic: Software

SLotman has released a website on his upcoming game Blinky's Scary School, an MSX port of this platform/puzzle game previously released on various platforms as you can see

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