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The Awakening

by ro on 25-04-2019, 09:29
Topic: Software

A new MSX2 game by Oniric Factor

You will be able to finally beat these two games developed by ASCII

The Cure (MSXdev'05 entry)

by pitpan on 11-12-2005, 17:23
Topic: Software

XL2S Entertainment has submitted its entry for MSXdev'05, called The Cure, formerly registered as VKSD.

The Golden Flower

by lionelritchie on 04-03-2009, 21:59
Topic: Software

Lionel Ritchie, ex-member from infamous Bau De Jogos group, has translated Alejandro Reye's The Golden Flower adventure to English. It's a trilogy of MSX-BASIC text adventures, containing over a hundred rooms and 50 objects.

Today Ramones has published a new promo video on YouTube about The Goonies 'R' Good Enough, the upcoming platform/action game for MSX by Kralizec.

Kralizec is working on a new MSX game called 'The Goonies'. Compared with the Konami title, this version is a more accurate adaption of the well known film.

Here you find the heirlooms of MFZ

In 1998 Sunrise for MSX released The Lost World by UMAX. At that moment no Moonsound support was available. After 4 years the first discussions about it were started and the musicians were contacted to make Moonsound versions of the music.

Two new games have been added to the MSXdev'05 competition: The Mansion and Space Crussader. These entries were not previously registered nor announced, not even to the MSXdev'05 organisation. The Mansion is an icon-based graphical text adventure with vampires. It's packed in a 16 KB ROM and is available in both English and in Spanish.

The Maze of Galious: FRS patch

by sd_snatcher on 09-07-2011, 08:26
Topic: Software

Once again a patch for a popular game more than two decades old. Brazilian MSX fan sd_snatcher surely knows how to entertain his fellow MSX'fans. With great pride he presents us with a patch for Konami's platform classic Maze of Galious.

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