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Pastbytes from Argentina brings speech synthesis to your MSX1 - you can even make your PSG sing!

Team Bomba announce Blox for GFX9000

by snout on 03-12-2004, 01:48
Topic: Software

Team Bomba have just restyled their website, adding information on their products of the past (Bombaman being the most famous one) and announcing what they are going to do in the future.

Team Bomba releases WOEI demo

by Latok on 19-09-2003, 21:15
Topic: Software

In this forumthread we announced the return of the 'Scroll and logo demos'. Some forummembers decided to team up and started creating a really old school MSX-scene demo. Latok, one of the crewmembers, volunteered to program the whole demo, he isn't that much of a programmer, though.


by dvik on 01-03-2006, 09:46
Topic: Software

Following the release of the amazing MSX Unleashed demo and the BMPTO105 tool that was released, Dvik released Technicolor, a slideshow demo

TeddyWareZ news

by chaos on 28-04-2002, 16:23
Topic: Software

Here is some TwZ News:

  • I uploaded some of my moonsound songs
  • Blaffer NT version 1.62 is online

But the most important news is:SCC blaffer NT is finally dos2 compatible! Also the SCC detection routine has been improved. Special tnx to BiFi for his great work.

TeddyWareZ products online

by BiFi on 22-03-2003, 16:34
Topic: Software

Frederik Boelens of the TeddyWareZ has decided to put all software this dutch MSX group have ever made online. On the new TeddyWareZ website you can download them all for free.

TeddyWareZ released Tunez 2 for download

by Bart on 17-03-2002, 13:47
Topic: Software

Source: TeddyWareZ

TeddyWarez updated their site and released their latest SCC music disk for free download on their site.In total there are 19 SCC Blaffer music tracks on the disk. Check it out!

Terminator 2 demo

by Jorito on 09-02-2013, 18:20
Topic: Software
Tags: demo, msx2

French MSX user msxlegend created a remake of the Terminator 2 game intro for MSX2.


by Latok on 27-09-2004, 19:23
Topic: Software

Ricardo Bittencourt surprises us with Tetrinet, a multiplayer tetris variant, programmed for the MSX1 platform. Next to trying to clear lines as fast as possible, you can also attack your opponent with so called Block Powers. The game itself is only 4kB in size and is completely written in assembly.

Tetris and 4-in-a -row for SymbOS by Edoz

by snout on 08-03-2014, 14:01
Topic: Software
Tags: Edoz, SymbOS

Edoz created two games for the SymbOS operating system, 4 in a row and Tetris.

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