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Kralizec has just started distributing on-line the faithful conversion of "Bomb Jack" shown at BCN Party. Requirements for this game are MSX2 with 128KB VRAM. You can buy a copy at Kralizec's website for a price of 15 Euro (shipping costs not included).

Relevant link:

Bomb Jack promo

by Ramones on 13-12-2004, 22:06
Topic: Software

On the 26th MSX User meeting of Barcelona, held on October 30th, 2004, Kralizec released Bomb Jack for MSX2, an accurate port of the original arcade classic.

Kralizec have updated their website with a new design. Celebrating this restyle, they have declared their games Bomb Jack, Dahku and Kralizec Tetris freeware. You can download them all on the new Kralizec website.

Bombaman - Finished

by snout on 11-01-2004, 18:19
Topic: Software

Team Bomba have just updated their website, adding Bombed, the Bombaman level editor and opening the 'Maps' section. But, most importantly, after 5 years of hard work: Bombaman is finished! The long awaited game will be released this saturday on the MSX Fair in Oss.

Bombaman - Second update

by Arjan on 21-10-2004, 23:05
Topic: Software

Team Bomba have just released a second update to their popular game Bombaman. It appeared there were still quite some bugs in the custom level mode. When trying to play a custom level that isn't 100% correct (e.g.

Bombaman -review-

by Latok on 15-01-2004, 14:26
Topic: Software

Only a few days left until the official startshot is being given for a new MSX year. The MSX 2004 fair in Oss is going to be a fantastic showcase of what our community is capable of.

Bombaman Extra Ammo

by Jorito on 09-11-2008, 23:33
Topic: Software

Four years after the release of the original Bombaman game for MSX, Team Bomba has decided to declare this game freeware! To celebrate this special event a special release of the game was created.

Bombaman news update

by Jorito on 10-02-2003, 01:40
Topic: Software

Team Bomba has given us an extensive update on the progress of their highly anticipated game 'Bombaman'. As their briefing actually says it all, we decided to print it down here.

"After a while of silence, we decided it was time to update everybody on our never ending project Bombaman.

Bombaman promo

by snout on 28-09-2003, 16:39
Topic: Software

Team Bomba have added a new promo to their website and the MRC freeware downloads database. This demo includes 5 single player levels that are exclusive for this promo, they will not be included in the game itself.

Bombaman promo available!

by snout on 15-12-2001, 18:08
Topic: Software

Source: Generation MSX

You can download a free promo version of Bombaman! Have a look at it, you can play some single-player levels, and some multiplayer levels as well.

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