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V9BMP 1.1

by snout on 30-04-2005, 00:59
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Marcel Delorme sent us a new version of V9BMP, a BMP file viewer for GFX9000 (Yamaha V9990). This version adds Gbasic copy format support.

Better drums to make its awesome soundtrack even better

Vampier recently recorded a series of longplay videos of various shoot 'em ups by M-Kai and Compile.

Vampier videos

by wolf_ on 02-01-2010, 01:11
Topic: Software

In the USA everything is bigger, including Vampier's appetite for gaming. Ever since openMSX has a reverse feature, recording games seems to be his core business.

Vampier videos - Eggerland

by wolf_ on 16-04-2010, 00:40
Topic: Software

Recording MSX videos appears to be Vampier's obsessive hobby. How else would one classify the recording of all the Eggerland levels?

Vampier videos - XAK 1 walkthrough

by wolf_ on 20-06-2010, 10:48
Topic: Software

Active video provider Vampier has once again done all the hard work for us. Thanks to all his videos we can sit back, relax, and see a game being finished. Without the joy of playing such games yourself, but also without the frustrations of not being able to finish such games. His latest effort is Micro Cabin's Xak 1, The Art of Visual Stage.

Vampier videos: Makaijima - Higemaru

by wolf_ on 05-02-2010, 12:19
Topic: Software

Shiver me timbers! For all ye swashbucklin' sprogs and landlubbers out thar who want to raise the Jolly Roger but only met the cat o' nine tails, scallywag Vampier has created a new video for all ye lily-livered gentlemen o' fortune, Yo-ho-ho.

Vampier videos: Metal Gear 2

by Vampier on 10-02-2010, 11:46
Topic: Software

Vampier has uploaded a complete walk through of one of Konami's biggest hits and franchises: Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake.

Vampier's fly-throughs

by wolf_ on 23-11-2009, 12:04
Topic: Software

Vampier has uploaded six fly-throughs of MSX shooters to his YouTube page. Featured are all the main levels (not the bonus levels) including the demo cut scenes.

Vampire Killer TAS

by Manuel on 02-01-2011, 11:44
Topic: Software

Konami's Castlevania is a game franchise of 38 games already, one of them being our own good old Vampire Killer. A gamer named scrimpeh managed to finish this game in a mere 17:32 using openMSX and its range of emulation tools.

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