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by mars2000you on 22-04-2006, 17:25
Topic: Software

The Spanish coder Degora has released Zambeze, a new MSX1 game initially intended to be released in the MSXdev'05 contest.

Matra releases a enhanced version of "ZERO and the Castle of Infinite Sadness" as a christmas present.

Matra has just updated his website with ZERO and The Castle Of Infinite Sadness.

Zero Gravity

by snout on 24-08-2004, 17:41
Topic: Software

Juanma has just sent us a new Crappysoft release: Zero Gravity. The game has been added to our ever growing freeware MSX software archives. Zero Gravity is an MSX1 platform game coded in BASIC.

ZICA screenshots released

by Bart on 03-02-2002, 22:22
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: Uzix / Adriano C. R. da Cunha

Adriano C. R.

Zippy race for MSX

by snout on 24-01-2007, 18:34
Topic: Software

jonemaan has released an IPS patch that patches the SEGA SG-1000 version of the racing game Zippy Race. On MSX, you can run patch with IPS4MSX.

Zombie Incident 1.2

by Jorito on 20-05-2013, 16:58
Topic: Software
Tags: MSXdev, nenefranz

Zombie Incident, the platform game that won the MSXdev'11 competition, has received an update for better compatibility with all MSX standards.

The MSXdev'11 winning platformer now on cartridge

Zombie Near 1.1

by wolf_ on 13-03-2011, 23:18
Topic: Software

Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez released a new version of Zombie Near, the runner up of MSXdev'10.


by AuroraMSX on 06-04-2008, 12:50
Topic: Software

Zone by Jos'b is the first entry to the 2kB Open Source Contest on the Karoshi forums. The objective of the game is to switch off all green lights in each stage.

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