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Contra (Konami) - two new versions

by Sander on 07-10-2002, 09:51
Topic: Software

Konami will release two new Contra titles. Contra; Shattered Solider for the Playstation 2 and Contra Advance; the Alien wars EX for the GameBoy Advance.

Have MSX classics Contra, Mon Mon Monster and Tengoku Yoitoku been developed by Bit² all along? Konami, TAITO and HOT·B might have some explaining to do...

MRC user SLotman brought two game conversions to our attention.

Altered Beast is a SEGA game originally released for MSX1 on tape.

Core dump promo

by Sander on 23-07-1997, 00:00
Topic: Software

Cas Cremers, the driving force behind the Parallax software company, has some new info about his upcoming promo release of "Core Dump" (in a strange way, I recognize that name, hmmm :-).Jump to his superb pages at for more info.

Cosmic Battle (MSXdev'05 game)

by snout on 21-12-2005, 14:48
Topic: Software

Frequent visitors of the MSX Resource Center already knew the preview version of Marison's Cosmic Battle.


by hap on 01-11-2008, 17:16
Topic: Software

NYYRIKKI, whose output is usually unpredictable yet fascinating, has competed in the Alternative Party 2008 with his demo Cow. This demo, which requires a turbo-R to run, ended up second place!

Cow Abductors SP1

by hap on 06-01-2010, 16:33
Topic: Software

Mooh is good, Baah is bad, that's the motto of the aliens in Paxanga Soft's Cow Abductors. Cow Abductors, the MSX1 cow snatching game that received a nice 65% score on MSXdev'09, was recently updated as you may have read on our forum earlier today.

Crazy Buggy (MSXdev '05 entry)

by pitpan on 14-12-2005, 00:34
Topic: Software

Crappy Soft have presented their second finished entry for the MSXdev'05 contest: Crazy Buggy. The goal of this 16 KB ROM game is to guide your car to the top of the screen without touching neither the bombs nor the other cars.

Dahku - released

by SaebaMSX on 07-11-2005, 23:25
Topic: Software

During the last Vintagenarios meeting (part of the BCN Party fair), there was a lot of MSX action.

As mentioned in this newspost, Kralizec recently completed their first 100% original game, Dahku.

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