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AGD MSX Suite first public release

by jltursan on 07-01-2020, 18:54
Topic: Software

8bit developer united!

Aiky asks for fangame to be removed

by Latok on 11-06-2004, 16:28
Topic: Software

On Robsy's MSX Workshop we can read some information about recent contacts between Edward A. Robsy Petrus and Aiky. It seems that Aiky has asked the author of the MSX1 fangame Guru Logic to remove the game from the MSXdev'03 part of his website. Edward A.

Airwaves trackmo - Update

by snout on 21-02-2005, 18:41
Topic: Software

Last week Vincent van Dam sent us an entry to the MRC Airwaves Challenge: a trackmo called Airwaves.

Aladin HD v1.50 goes freeware

by KdL on 01-10-2010, 20:27
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves / Scheherezad-ie had a thousand tales / But master you in luck 'cause up your sleeves / You got a brand of magic never fails / You got some power in your corner now / Some heavy ammunition in your camp / You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how / See all you gotta do is rub that lamp / And I'll say / Mister Aladdin, sir / What will your pleasure be?

Aldebaran announced

by wolf_ on 12-05-2008, 11:36
Topic: Software

It's the year 2100, and to secure its own future mankind is out to colonize another planet in the solar system surrounding the star Aldebaran, the brightest star in the Taurus constellation.

Aleste 2 demo disk difficulty fix

by snout on 28-11-2006, 15:51
Topic: Software

The MSX IPS Patch archive has been updated with a fix for Aleste 2 that solved an issue which made the game run at hard difficulty when booting the game from the demo disk, whereas it ran in easy mode when booting the game from the game disk.

Alice Soft declares old software freeware

by Unregistered user on 12-04-2003, 02:24
Topic: Software

Alice Soft, a developer of so-called bishoujo or hentai games has declared some of their old software freeware. The full declaration is downloadable here, in japanese ofcourse.

Recently we reported about a possible MSX remake of the SNK shoot'em-up Alpha Mission, which is currently being developed by the Korean MSX developer

Alpha Mission remake for MSX?

by snout on 09-08-2011, 18:12
Topic: Software

The Korean MSX developer Sharksym, known amongst others from his file manager M and the MSX emulator paraMSX, is working on a port of the

As we reported earlier, Korean MSX developer Sharksym is working on a MSX Turbo R remake of the SNK shoot'em-up Alpha Mission

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