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Mr. Bowie was never really good at the Japanese language, anyway.

Star Virgin - English patch by Django

by ro on 14-11-2021, 15:19
Topic: Translations

The cute, strong and sexy superheroine named "Star Virgin" understands English.

Tako and Ika 3 Translation

by ro on 15-09-2021, 19:59
Topic: Translations

Wrap your tentacles around this fast paced action puzzler, now in English.

Another classic JRPG now ready to play by those who understand Spanish!

Brisk translation to English

by ro on 12-07-2021, 08:54
Topic: Translations

Shedding skin on the Dutch MSX2 game called Brisk

Mitsume ga Tooru - Fan Translation Project

Japanese strategy MSX2 game now fully enjoyable for any one

The mad professor of translation is at it again

Japanese game DIOS gets the Django treatment

Vilzam translated

by Randam on 18-03-2021, 11:15
Topic: Translations

Yuichi Toyama's work before Herzog and Feedback.

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