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MSX Translations is back with an English patch.

Enjoy a not well known MSX2 RPG fully in English

PaRaDream translated to English

by ro on 23-10-2017, 11:29
Topic: Translations

The Japanese MSX turbo R shooter PaRaDreams has been translated to English.

FM PAC English - Unlock the full potential of the FM PAC

The game "A Life M36 Planet: Mother Brain has been aliving" has been translated to English.

The Dutch game Zoo has been translated to English and French.

An English translation of "Kinderen van de Wind/Les Passagers du Vent" has been finished by The Kid

Valuable information finally available to non-Japanese speakers

Several patches are available with many updates.

Although the Sargon website hadn't been updated for a couple of months, Sargon now announces a new English translation to be released at the MSX fair in Tilburg, April 24th.

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