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Earlier this week we reported about an updated translation of La Valeur, today we have news about another Django-translated game that receives a drastic update: T&E Soft's RPG Rune Worth.

Two years ago Django released a partial translation of the Japanese RPG La Valeur. Today, MSXblue have released an updated version of the translation of this game, orignally released in 1990 by Kogado.

Malaya's Treasure

by Randam on 17-10-2010, 23:06
Topic: Translations

Ever wanted to go treasure hunting in some far away place? Now you can from the comfort of your own home with the translation of Malaya no Hihou. Explore the forests, the caves and the many villages along the way. Perhaps you will be the one to uncover the legendary treasure.

Today, MSX Translations updated their website with the following:

  • A new translation patch for Tengoku Yoitoko, a platformer which also features some RPG elements, will reveal what to do in this MSX2 game by Taito, released in 1987.
  • For the S

More than 13 years since the last update of the Solid Snake - Metal Gear 2 English translation, initially done by Maarten ter Huurne and Takamichi Suzukawa, some useful improvements w

Penguin Adventure in French

by Hydragon on 26-05-2010, 17:08
Topic: Translations

Over the years, Konami sent penguins all over the world, even into space! While traveling in France, this bird from the South Pole met Django and what happened after that is easy to guess.

Dragon Slayer 3 & 4 translation

by Randam on 23-05-2010, 23:24
Topic: Translations

For all the lucky people currently having a three day weekend, MSX Translations decided it was the right time for some interesting game patches! This time not just one, but three game translations are released: Romancia for MSX1 & MSX2 and Dragon Slayer 4 for MSX2. All three games have been translated completely. Besides the translated texts, a number of enhancements have been made.

Zukkoke Yajikita translated

by hap on 26-02-2010, 17:21
Topic: Translations

Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsudoutyuu (ずっこけやじきた隠密道中 if you know how to read it), an MSX2 RPG by HAL, was translated to English recently and published earlier today on DJANGO's blog.

Django translations: Devil Hunter

by wolf_ on 07-02-2010, 12:04
Topic: Translations

Django has provided a new translation for fans of the RPG genre: the 1990 game Devil Hunter is now partially translated. Despite being an MSX1 game, the graphics look very detailed and colorful.

Goemon and Woody Poco updates

by Randam on 23-01-2010, 22:52
Topic: Translations

Some time ago translations for Goemon and Woody Poco were released. Goemon - being MSX Translations' first release - didn't feature a Turbo mode. But now that feature has been added. Woody Poco had a minor bug in it. Saving to PAC in R800 mode appears to cause data corruption as BiFi pointed out (FM-PACs don't suffer from this flaw).

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