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MSX Pró site update

by RobertVroemisse on 06-12-2011, 09:34
Topic: Websites

After some months of silence, the Brazilian site MSX Pró surprises its visitors with a nice update.

  • Some tweaking in the site's mechanics was done.
  • The schematics of Kai Weber's Mega Mapper were added.
  • A special page was created to explain the internal jumpers of the Mini Slot Expander CIEL by Ademir Carchano.
  • The FAT16 utilities were updated.
  • The schematic for sale again

by tfh on 21-10-2011, 16:04
Topic: Websites

Last year one of the coolest domain names in the world,, was sold to an unknown party in an online auction.

Yes, we know that YouTuber strafefox is no stranger to the MRC community, and yes, we're aware about Youtube's handy 'Subscribe' function.

Xak comparison by Saebaryo

by snout on 10-09-2011, 14:40
Topic: Websites

The Korean MSX user Saebaryo, known from the MoonSound compatible Dal So Ri cartridge, has published an article on the various versions of MicroCabin's legendary RPG

MSX Error 51 changed name to RetroMSX

by snout on 24-08-2011, 11:20
Topic: Websites

MSX Error 51, a source of information to Argentine MSX users has changes it's name to RetroMSX. To facilitate this change, a new mailing list and blog have been started. The mailing list is primarily intended for Argentine MSX users, but other (Spanish speaking) users are also invited to subscribe.

The staff behind MSX Area magazine has set up a new website where you can order this professionally made fanzine. The website also offers a look at the cover and contents of each issue published so far. The magazine, in full colour, is written entirely in Spanish and costs 8 euro (excluding shipping costs).

MSX Solutions: Gun Fright map

by snout on 14-07-2011, 14:40
Topic: Websites

Fabio of MSX Solutions has published a map of an isometric adventure game called Gun Fright.

MSX Solutions: Undeadline map

by snout on 11-07-2011, 12:46
Topic: Websites

Another complete, full-colour map composed out of in-game screenshots has been published on MSX Solutions.

After bringing us well-edited video reviews on Penguin Adventure, Metal Gear and Vampire Killer compared to Castlevania, it was only a matter of time

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