8bits4ever Carnivore 2
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Carnivores 2 is a DIY Multi-function cartridge developed by the Russian Bear Service Crew (RBSC). 8bits4ever sell it commercially.

Hardware Description

  • EP2C5Q208C8 Altera CYCLONE II FPGA
  • 8MB flash ROM
  • Nextor and FM-BASIC ROMs on-board
  • One Compact Flash Socket
  • 2048KB RAM on board.

Note: Carnivores 2 produce by RBSC has tinned contacts but the Carnivores 2 sold by 8bits4ever has goldplated contacts.


  • Storage on Compact Flash (formatted MSX-DOS1/2, FAT12/16)
  • 1024KB Memory Mapper
  • 720KB pseudo-MegaRAM
  • SCC/SCC+ and FM-PAC (with backup RAM support)
  • Works on MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ and TurboR
  • Proprietary software utility to manage all functions, ROM loader into flash ROM, switch on/off several functions, etc.



8bits4ever Carnivore 2 cartridge
8bits4ever Carnivore 2 cartridge Back
8bits4ever Carnivore 2 PCB Front (v2.2)
RBSC Carnivore 2 PCB Front (v2.1)
RBSC Carnivore 2 PCB Front (v2.2)


Carnivore 2 Main Screen
Carnivore 2 Extra PSG Setup
Carnivore 2 Help