8bits4ever Emu-FDC
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The 8bits4ever Emu-FDC cartridge is the combination of a floppy disk controller and a floppy disk emulator:

  • the floppy disk controller allows to plug real PC 3.5" 720kB floppy drives through a regular 34 pin floppy ribbon cable - Note:these floppy drives must be externally powered
  • the floppy disk emulator (FlashFloppy firmware flashed on memory) can read 360kB and 720kB floppy disk images from a SD card and mount them so the system can access them as real floppy disks - infos about the software can be shown on the integrated 0.91" 128x32 OLED display

It can be used in three different configurations:

  • Emulated drive A: only working with images from the SD
  • Emulated drive A: and external drive B:
  • Emulated drive disabled - Two external drives A: and B:

The floppy disk controller includes a ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC instructions.

Like on the 8bits4ever F1-SD device, there are 3 buttons (Left, Right and Select) to control the integrated disk emulator.

Machines with internal floppy drives might need those drives to be disconnected or disabled for the Emu-FDC to work properly.

Brand 8bits4ever
Model Emu-FDC
Year 2019
Region Europe
Launch price €90.00
Package content


8bits4ever Emu-FDC with caps and buttons created by Alexey
8bits4ever Emu-FDC used with physical drive
8bits4ever Emu-FDC used with disk image on SD
Emu-FDC PCB Rev.2.3
Emu-FDC PCB Rev.2.7b
Emu-FDC PCB back Rev.2.7b
8bits4ever Emu-FDC

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