8bits4ever FDC-600
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The 8bits4ever FDC-600 is a floppy disk interface, inspired by the Talent TDC-600 interface. His contacts are tinned until the revision 3, the next has golden contacts.

It supports up to two drives, using a standard PC FDD cable (with twist). Drives need to be powered externally, the cartridge does not supply power.

It is compatible with standard PC 3.5" (360 or 720kB) and 5.25" (180 or 360kB) floppy drives.

The interface includes a ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC instructions.

Brand 8bits4ever
Model FDC-600
Year 2015-2017
Region Europe
Launch price €49.99
Package content
Emulation Original Talent TDC-600 ROM dumped and emulated.


8bits4ever FDC-600
8bits4ever FDC-600 PCB Rev.1
8bits4ever FDC-600 PCB Rev.2
8bits4ever FDC-600 PCB Rev.3
8bits4ever FDC-600 PCB Rev.4

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