8bits4ever SD-512
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This is an SD(HC) card interface with dual slots (one SD and one microSD). It features the open source hardware design created by Fabio Belavenuto, and the PCB was originally designed by MSXpro then modified by 8bit4ever to support the microSD form factor.

The contacts of the EDGE connector are gold plated.

Price: About €60 including shipping costs for worldwide.


Version 1

8bits4ever SD-512 - v.1
8bits4ever SD-512 + SD card - v.1
8bits4ever SD-512 back + SD card - v.1

Version 2

8bits4ever SD-512 - v.2
8bits4ever SD-512 PCB - v.2
8bits4ever SD-512 PCB back - v.2


  • Flash card: 1 SD slot and 1 microSD slot each compatible with (micro) SDHC cards
    • Uses Nextor as DOS to access the storage media. (native FAT12/16 support)
    • Maximum partition size of 4GB
  • RAM
    • 512kB that can be switched between MegaRAM mode and memory mapper with a switch on top of the cartridge to be able to easily load MegaROM games with software like ExecROM or SofaRun if your MSX has another memory mapper.
  • Others
    • The internal slot expander and memory expansion can also be disabled with another switch. This allows the use of this cartridge in slot expanders.

Note: The first version only supports SD cards up to 2GB and has no MegaRAM mode.

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX computer with one free slot cartridge (a primary slot, or a secondary by disabling the RAM)

Attention! This cartridge is not compatible with the Mitsubishi ML-G1 and the Sanyo MPC-100 machines