ASCII HD Interface
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The ASCII HD Interface is the first hard-disk interface released for the MSX. It uses the SASI system (Shugart Associates System Interface), which is the ancestor to SCSI.

The interface was released in July 1989. Official price at launch was ¥30,000. (Rare item!)

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX computer with 64kB RAM and one free slot cartridge
Model HD Interface
Year 1989-7
Region Japan
Launch price ¥30,000
Package content SASI Interface adapter
Utility disk
User's Manual
Emulation ROM and disk dump needed. See this thread for details


ASCII HD Interface cartridge
ASCII HD Interface cartridge - Boxed set
ASCII HD Interface connector


  • Connection: SASI (Connector type is centronics CN-50F).
    • Hard-disk up to 40MB.
    • Partitions: up to 32MB.
  • Supported hard-disks:
    • Computer Research CRC-HD2A, CRC-MH4, CRC-MH4B
    • Gloria Systems GHD-340
    • Itec IT H-320S, IT MJ4
    • ICM MC-20EX, MC-40S, SR-20, SR-40
    • Land Computer LDP-521A, LDP-541A
    • Logitec LHD-32HR, LHD-32NR, LHD-32V, LHD-34HR, LHD-34SR, LHD-34V, SHD-40J
    • Midori-electronics (緑電子) DAX-HI, DAX-HIV, DAX-H5V
    • Wintec HD404HS
  • Others
    • MSX-DOS2 compatible (recommended).
    • Floppy disk: Hard-disk formatting utility (in Japanese).

Note: Supported hard disk drives are the same as for the NEC PC-9801-27 interface, which are certified compatible with the HD Interface by ASCII. The SASI/SCSI - CF adapter can probably be used as a drive replacement.

Articles in the press

  • MSX Magazine 1989-08 page 147: Review (in Japanese)
  • MSX-Fan 1989-10 page 33: Review (in Japanese)