ASCII Japanese MSX-Write II
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Japanse MSX-Write II is a cartridge released in 1988 by ASCII that can be used on any MSX2 and higher computer with at least 64kB RAM and 128kB VRAM.

Just like it predecessor MSX-Write it has MSX-JE, but this time has both Kanji-ROM Level 1 and 2. It also has battery backed 32kB SRAM, and a newer version of the Japanese Word Processor.

A double dipswitch on the cartridge allows to disable the Kanji-ROM Level 1 alone or both Levels 1 and 2, so you are able to use the Word Processor also on a machine that has a built-in Kanji-ROM.

The firmware menu is in 4 parts: access to the Word Processor, Settings, Kanji Utility, access to MSX-BASIC.

In the Settings, you can choose to work in 30 or 40 characters mode and 3 different layouts are available, it is also possible to enable or disable the lauching of the Word Processor when you boot the computer.

The Kanji Utility lets you choose between a 16 dot mode and a 24 dot mode.

The Word Processor can be accessed from BASIC with CALL WRITE or _WRITE. In this case, the intro screen is bypassed and you go directly to the menu.

Official price: ¥24,800



ASCII MSX-Write II with box
ASCII MSX-Write II double dipswitch
ASCII MSX-Write II PCB underside


MSX-Write II Intro screen
MSX-Write II Menu
MSX-Write II Settings
MSX-Write II Word Processor layout 1
MSX-Write II Word Processor layout 2
MSX-Write Word II Processor layout 3
MSX-Write II Kanji Utility
MSX-Write II Kanji Utility 16 dot mode
MSX-Write II Kanji Utility 24 dot mode
MSX-Write II Work screen after pressing on ESC
MSX-Write II Word Processor 40 column mode