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MSX-C by ASCII compiler

"Yes, although not known to many, a C compiler exists for the MSX. The compiler originally was written for CP/M, but a Japanese software company, ASCII, modified it especially for the MSX and called it MSX-C. The MSX-C compiler compiles C-code to Z80 mnemonics (asssembler) and uses the Macro Assembler package of Microsoft (M80) to maintain assembly libraries and to compile and link assembly code to MSX-DOS executables." - Freddy Vulto

Two versions exist of the ASCII C compiler:

  • MSX C V1.10 Compiler disk (MSX-DOS 1 required)
  • MSX C V1.20 Compiler disk (MSX-DOS 2.20 required)

There is also a MSX C Libraries disk:

  • MSX-C Library System Disk

On the Library Disk there are several example files on how to achieve the basics in MSX-C. The syntax differs slightly from other implementations of C language (like ANSI C etc).

There is also a simplyfied online manual available here.

Javier Lavandeira revisited his MSX-C knowledge here and takes you step by step through some of it's processes.