ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser
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The ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser is the official light gun for the MSX system, based on the The Dominator ProBeam wireless light gun for the NES.

Light guns works only with a CRT monitor.

According to a Japanese MSX Magazine news article (1990-01, page 96), it was first released in the Middle East such as in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Due to its success it was decided to also release it in Japan. The Japanese release date was listed as February to March 1990 but was delayed until January 8 1991.

It was sold either separately or bundled with the game "Dungeon Hunter". It can be used for playing the games listed below:

Title Developer Region Year
Air Hockey (Sold via Takeru by MSX Club GHQ) ASCII JP 1992
Duck Hunt (after applying a patch) Karoshi ES 2004
Dungeon Hunter ASCII JP 1989
Pig Race (included in Shooting Collection) ASCII JP 1992
Shooting Collection ASCII JP 1992

There was another light gun for the MSX released in Spain by MHT Ingenieros, called Gun-Stick. It's the same gun released for the Amstrad CPC and ZX-Spectrum. It uses a proprietary protocol and is not compatible with the official MSX light gun.

Model Plus-X Terminator Laser
Year 1990 (Middle East) - 1991 (Japan)
Region JP
Launch price ¥12,800 (incl. Dungeon Hunter)
Package content


Plus-X Terminator Laser packaging
Plus-X Terminator Laser box
Plus-X Terminator Laser box backside
Plus-X Terminator Laser
Plus-X Terminator Laser butt
Plus-X Terminator Laser_viewfinder