Alto - Hell on Wheels
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At the same Zandvoort fair in 1997 where Tweety's Choise was released as a MSX-Music and MSX-Audio music disk, Near Dark also stunned the crowd with their first Moonsound music disk with a music style never heard on an MSX before... Loads of guitars and other never heard befores.
Just like Tweety's Choise, Alto - Hell on Wheels was done by just Meits and Impulse Corporation.
As this particular Zandvoort fair was rather empty, there were not many customers. The sales count was not registered, nor remembered. The Fair itself was remembered as the final Zandvoort fair with Near Dark attending. There was not much artwork involved in this music disk. The graphics were scanned from a magazine called "The Duelist". This magazine was about a sort of RPG cart game called Magic: The Gathering. Converting the graphics to screen 8 (intro) and screen 7 (replayer) was rather tricky, but there are way worse conversions around.
The covered bands on Alto - Hell on Wheels are:

  • Amorphis
  • The Gathering
  • Type O Negative
  • The Offspring
  • Braveheart (the movie)
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  • On Youtube there's a clip of a person drumming to one of the Alto - Hell on Wheels tracks.
  • Moonblaster Wave is too small to host the track Eleanor (The Gathering). Therefore a little piece was cut off and the song looped.
  • Again Meits showed up in the credits as Tweety and his imaginary friend Joan.
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