Ariake Denso UT-130E
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Ariake Denso UT-130E
Ariake Denso UT-130E box

The Ariake Denso UT-130E is a step-down transformer from 230V (Europe) to 100V (Japan), useful for connecting Japanese MSX computers to the European electricity net. The peak supply is 130W and continuous (>30m) supply is 104W. For comparison the Panasonic FS-A1GT is rated for 22W.

The transformer is made in Japan and thus meets the Japanese manufacturing standards for safety, with overcurrent and thermal protection. It’s of high quality, silent, and doesn’t get warm.



  • Input voltage: AC 220V-240V
  • Output voltage: AC 100V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Capacity: 130W (>30m: 104W)
  • Protection: Thermal (auto recovery), overcurrent
  • Power plug: Type C (Europlug)
  • Power socket: 1x Type A (JIS C 8303, Class II)
  • Cord length: 150 cm
  • Body size (w × h × d): 80 x 38 x 120 mm
  • Body weight: 480g
  • Made in Japan

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Since it is difficult to find these transformers outside Japan, one will have to order from a Japanese shop.

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