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Demo published in December 1988 by the Sigma Group. It contains ripped SCC music from the Konami game King's Valley II and requires a MSX2 with at least 128kB RAM. It is also the demo with probably the highest number of secret passwords!

A cartridge with SCC/SCC+ soundchip or compatible is required to fully enjoy it. SCC Konami cartridges are usable but remember: Do not insert a cartridge with the MSX turned on!!!. However, safe options exist:

  • slotexpanders with switches
  • SCC cartridges modified with switch or converted to Megasram (aka ESE-RAM)
  • use an MSX emulator




The intro in screen 2 seems very simple, but actually it's the place to try all these passwords.

BATTLEAXE is a multi-using password as it changes the music while adding a sound effect and enabling the keys 1 to 7 for different surprises (but you can use only one of these keys every time after BATTLEAXE):
1 - to change the music
2 - to fade the music out
3 - to change the border color
4 - to reset the computer (avoid it!)
5 - to stop the additionnal sound effect
6 - to give a tip about the Virus demo
7 - to give a tip about the Ironball demo


There are 10 other passwords:
- EXXOS and TOPGUN give two extra musics.
- OUT fades the music out.
- PAC changes the border color and CAP restores the black border.
- IRONBALL gives a tip about the Ironball demo.
- NTSC changes the VDP frequency.
- SUNBURST changes the border color of the menu screen.
- LUPIN gives the credits while RASTAN gives the copyright message.



Also made in screen 2, the menu allows to hear different musics and to read the messages of the Sigma group.


  • Jiri
  • G.C.S.